Poet, Film Director,
Writer, Producer
& Award Winner

Masud Pathik

Masud Pathik

Masud Pathik (born 1 August 1979) is a Bangladeshi film director, lyricist and poet. His feature film Nekabborer Mohaproyan which is directed and produced by him. It won Bangladesh National Film Awards in 2014 in seven categories including Best Film and Best Lyricist for Pathik. His latest projects are two films: Maya-The Lost Mother which is waiting for release , and Poetree.

Early life and education
Masud Pathik has been completed Ph.D research on Bangladeshi Cinema. He started his career as a freelance writer and a lecturer of Bengali language and literature at a college. He completed a one-year diploma course successfully at the session 2000-2001 from Theatre School, Dhaka. He also took part in a film appreciation course in 2008 organized by Biswa Shahitya Kendra in Dhaka.

Pathik edits a magazine named Bratya that mainly focuses on the life and livelihood of the subaltern people of Bangladesh. Five poetry books by Pathik have been published. He also acts as the assistant editor of Pothorekha, a literary magazine in Bangladesh, and he is an executive member of Jatiyo Kobita Parishad, Bangladesh.
Masud Pathik won the Bangladesh National Film Award in 2014 for his film Nekabbarer Mahaproyan which is directed and produced by him and as the best lyricist award at that time. The film won seven National Film Awards. He also won “Kali o Kalam Award 2013”

Kaliokalam Award 2013

Pathik is the founder and chairman of Bratya Film, Bratya Creation, and founder and president of World Ecology and Autism Film Forum.